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I died but I came back - SCREAM!

14 November
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This is a ME. A ME is a person from Germany which explains this poor english. Give ME a chance anyway - will try hard so you will understand my mind and my feelings.

RESPECT. Whatever it is - I respect everthing until I am absolutly sure I can judge a thing not being a good thing.

My weaknes is that I know my own fears and weaknesses. That makes me a complicated person sometimes.

More about me? Well I guess it will show in my entries here.

Das Gewissen ist fähig, Unrecht für Recht zu halten, Inquisition für Gott wohlgefällig und Mord für politisch wertvoll. Das Gewissen ist um 180 Grad drehbar. (Erich Kästner)

Je vous aime, juste comme vous êtes.


I like man as much as I like women. I don`t want to come with the usually "Angelina Jolie is soooooooooo hot!" or "Jude Law just has what it takes!" - they are both very very fine indeed :o)

I like down to earth people. I like to flirt.
When it comes to women I am not attracted to just one type. I like them all :o) Extra pounds? JUST GREAT! I like that a lot. I don`t mind if a female has no extra pounds - there just has to be something special.
With girls here from Germany I can say right now I am kind of atracted to the "nordish cool look".

There is a German Actress called Gesine Cukrowski - she really has this look on her:

German Dudes - I have a thing for an actor called Jürgen Vogel:

Niiiiice body - fine tattoos - don`t show too much here :o)

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